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A town for quality of life

Åland’s capital town Mariehamn is a metropolis in miniature. More and more people choose to live in the maritime town of Mariehamn that offers vibrant summer life as much as contrasting serenity and peace in winter. You can also do the same.

You might have visited Mariehamn in summertime. Perhaps you have seen the sailing ship Pommern, enjoyed an Åland pancake in a cosy café, sunbathed on Lilla Holmen close to the town centre, or visited some of the town’s 70 shops and 20 restaurants. However, Mariehamn is so much more! Also in wintertime you can find all the necessary services for a town-dweller or for a visitor within a short walk in the town centre. The wide range of active sports clubs and culture associations makes it easy for you to participate in experiences and focus on your favourite hobbies.

Be all you can be

Mariehamn is an active and vibrant town where many cultures, religions and languages meet. Åland is a creative island community with deep roots in enterprising. The unemployment rate is low and there is a great variety of occupations. In Mariehamn there is everything from multinational companies to small enterprises, and from high-tech businesses to service providers. As an entrepreneur you have a chance to slow down your pace, and the big cities can easily be visited by air or sea. In fact, this demilitarised part of Finland allow you to be all you can be, except a Locomotive Driver or Army Sergeant.

Idyllic small town with a healthy pace

In Mariehamn you have the nature as your closest neighbor, no matter where you live. There are also good chances to have a home with a sea view. Children’s daycare centre, school and jobs are never further than 10 minutes from your home. Many newcomers say that safety is the key word characterizing the local society. The distances are short and traffic jams almost non-existing, which allows more time for life and free time.

More information about activities and events can be found at where you can also book your Åland experiences. The website gives you tips and advice when you are thinking of moving to Åland.

Whether you come to Åland for vacation or to live, we hope that you will get lovely memories and enjoyable experiences!

Facts about Mariehamn

Founded: 1861 when Finland was a part of Russia.
Area: 11.6 km² (incl. water area 21.6 km²)
Population: approx. 11 700
Registered companies: approx. 1 000
Curiosity: Mariehamn is the first municipality in Finland to have obtained the international ISO14001-certification, for managing its environmental impacts and responsibilities. 

Åland in brief

Form of government: Autonomous demilitarized territory in Finland since 1921.
Language: Swedish
EU-member: Since 1995 (remains outside the EU tax union).
Symbols: Own flag since 1954, post stamps since 1984 and car registration plates.
Top-domain: .ax
Islands: 6 700
Population: approx. 30 200
Municipalities: 16
Currency: Euro
Most common surname: Karlsson
Curiosity: The world’s oldest champagne was found in a ship wreck in Åland’s outer archipelago in 2010.

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City walk

The maritime town of Mariehamn is easy to discover on foot or by bicycle. It's only a ten-minute walk from the Western Harbour to the Eastern Harbour. Here are a few of the many sights and places to visit during your stay.

City walk brochure with map (in English and German)

Tourist map (A4)


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