Corona information in English

Here you find information regarding the changes in our services and operations due to the outbreak. This page is updated continuously. Date for update is shown at the bottom of the page.

The aim of these safety measures is to protect the town's most vulnerable and to continue to offer core services. 

Please avoid face to face visits if your business can be solved through a telephone call or e-mail.

Culture and the Town library


The Town library opening hours:
Monday - Thursday, 10 am - 8 pm.
Friday, 10 am - 6 pm.
Saturday, 10- 2 pm.


The opening hours might differ during the Holidays. To find out more, please visit the library's pages.

In order to reserve a book, log onto or contact the library, tel. 531 411 or Interlibrary loans from libraries in other countries are possible again, given that those libraries are open.

The library also offers its library card holders acces to an extensive e-library that has books, audio-books and films for streaming. The e-library also has magazines and newspapers in over 60 languages. Read more about the library's e-services at

Sports and leisure

Mariebad and all other sport facilities reopened on the 1st of June.

Outdoor sport arenas have been open for coach led and supervised trainings since April 17. Recommendations from  the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare has to be followed.

Mariebad, opening hours can be found at the page Mariebad.

Care of the elderly

Visits to the retirement homes Odalgården and Trobergshemmet were prohibited during 18.3 - 30.7.2020. To meet with a resident, contact the retirement home for more information and to book a meeting. Meetings have to be booked in advance until further notice. 

Staff will contact relatives in case the client's health situation changes in any way.

Seniorpunkten and Day activity centre Klippan have re-opened on September 14th 2020. If you want to visit Seniorpunkten you have to contact the supervisor via phone 018-531749 or 04575392217 during 8.30-9.30 am the day you want to visit.

Home care services continue their home visits as usual until otherwise stated.

There is no senior culture programme offered at Odalgården and Trobergshemmet, until further notice.

Children's day care

Day care and group family day care facilities in Mariehamn are open as usual. It's important that children with fever, cold symptoms, and/or cough stay home. Since May 14 there are new procedures for picking up and leaving children at the day care center. Care givers will receive guidelines and continuous information through the communication platform Tempus. Regarding children who are about to come for the first time to a day care facility, plans for "inskolning" the first days are made between care givers and the day care personnel.

Social services and administration

Since 1.1.2021 all social service is provided by Kommunernas socialservice r.f.

 In case of emergency child protection cases outside of business hours, call 112.

Elementary school

The pre and after school clubs Ugglan, Tärnan and Kråkan are open as usual during school year. Our schools follow what the education department at Ålands landskapsregering provides for common directives to all elementary schools on Åland.

Guardians receive more information and updates when they log on to the communication platform Wilma


All courses outdoors start as planned, otherwise we will notify the course participants directly. Swedish as a foreign language (SFI) have taught in regular classrooms again since the 14th of May 2020.  

Medis office can be reached by e-mail Regarding payment with health vouchers call tel. 531 621 or e-mail 

Other activities and services

Other services are open unless otherwise is communicated.

The Town Council (stadsfullmäktige) and their monthly meetings will be sent live via local tv and on for the rest of the year (July not included, no meeting that month).  

Information to our employees

If you are employed by the Town of Mariehamn, you will find information and guide lines on our intranet Ankaret. We also e-mail information that is urgent. As an employee, you can read your emails from home.

Do you need to make an instalment plan?

If you are struggling to meet your payments (like rent or other fees) to Mariehamns Stad due to the coronavirus outbreak, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss and create an instalment plan.
In order to find the correct contact information, look at the invoice you received and use the information and name(s) provided there.
Provided that you can show documents supporting your claim that you will have a great difficulty to make payments on time, we will offer different kinds of instalment plans. When an instalment plan has been agreed upon, no interest on arrears will be demanded.

Advice and guidelines

National recommendations regarding the corona virus change frequently and thus the City of Mariehamn does not offer any recommendations regarding treatments or actions to stop the virus from spreading. Instead we refer to ÅHS and THL who update their information continuously.

Guidelines, information and medical information can be found on ÅHS has also created a corona line that can be reached at 018-535313.

Click here for Covid-19 news on THL's site (National institute for health and Welfare in Finland.

The Government of Åland has a corona information line

For questions regarding the state of emergency and actions and precautions that are taken on Åland, call the government's information line, 018-25572 and 018-25573. The information line is open mon-fri 8-20. Questions regarding the virus should still be directed to ÅHS.

National number for telephone counselling advisory services

In Finland there is an information line that offers general information about the corona virus. The counselling service number is 0295 535 535. The line is open mon-fri 8-21 and 9-15 on weekends.
Read more about the counselling line on the National institute for health and Welfare in Finland's site (THL).

Councelling and support

Different organisations offer support and councelling via telephone for you who need someone to talk to. Please note that these support lines are in Swedish.

  • Folkhälsan's family councelling line - The family councelling line is open weekdays 9-11, 018 527048, or e-mail
  • Folkhälsan's councelling line for seniors - Annette and Erika at Folkhälsan på Åland are available via telephone 018-527063 on weekdays 9-15.
  • Fältarna - support for youths (13-17 years old)
  • The congregation in Mariehamn offers support for seniors by phone 0457 3457450 during weekdays at. 9-18. They can also help with deliveries from grocery stores and the pharmacy.
  • Barnavårdsföreningen i Finland - The chat for adults is open Mon, Wed at 3-6 pm and Tue, Thu, Fri at 12 am-3 pm. The chat for children and youths is open weekdays at 12 am-3 pm.
  • For those under 18 - contact BRIS by phone 018-25520 Mon-Fri at 9-12 am and 2-9 pm, Sat-Sun at 2-9 pm. There is also a chat at
  • is a chat for you who are 13-29 years old, where you can be anonomus and talk to an advisor or psychologist.
  • Tallbacken in Mariehamn - If you are subjected to threats, physical or mental abuse by someone close to you. Tallbacken is open 24 hours a day, call day or night, phone 018-531 305.
  • Kvinnofridslinjen - Open 24 hours a day, phone 018-25500. Support telephone for women who have been subjected to violence or threat of violence in close relationships. Also for troubled relatives, friends, workmates and others.
  • Alternative to violence - Support and help for men with a tendency to aggression and violence in a close relationship. Phone 0457 5291041 Mon-Friy at 3-8 pm and Sat-Sun at 12am-3pm or e-mail
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